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Leadwiser is a marketing expert agency specialized in the technology industry. We produce PreSales and Sales booking services for B2B companies. We connect modern technologies, service providers and the customers.

Leadwiser - Liikemerkki

An individually tailored partnership model for new customer acquisition as part of your sales team.

Leadwiser - Liikemerkki

An additional service to increase the marketing information and lead base of your sales.

Leadwiser - Liikemerkki

B2B meetings as a turnkey service with the most convincing references in the industry.

About us

Leadwiser is a modern marketing expert agency

We are a PreSales partner specialized in technology suppliers’ B2B sales enhancement processes. The original business idea was to implement the only B2B telemarketing service on the market, where the needs and supply meet better from the first contact.

We have noticed that especially in demanding technical B2B solution sales, the gap between the potential buyer and the sale is too big in the first call. The decisision-makers receive marketing calls often so their requirement level on the cold calls have increased. In addition to accessibility, the challenge is the lack of a common language; the business decision maker and potential buyer usually has a strong technical background, while the cold caller is generally a telemarketing professional.

PreSales and sales booking services

We have a different approach, and our callers are well-versed in B2B business and professionals in the field of technology.

Background work can be done independently without wasting sales resources. We find a common language with decision-makers more easily and achieve trust so the sales agenda is easier to handle. It increases the sales potential and time savings and every meeting we organize is a genuine sales opportunity. We can proudly say we are the best in Finland at that.

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They trust us too

Customer stories

A few words from our customers

The success of our customers is at the center of our entire operation and we have been able to participate in many success stories. Read more about services and partnership from our customers’ point of view.

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Since 2019, we have implemented B2B marketing campaigns related to RPA and artificial intelligence solutions with our client.

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Arrow ECS

We have been as the B2B sales partner of our client’s partner network and have implemented numerous sales promotion projects in the technology sector for more than seven years.

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We have worked as our client’s PreSales and sales booking partner for over six years in planning challenging customer segmentations and the lead generation.

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Why should you choose us?

We exist for you to succeed

We have had the pleasure and honor of serving respected technology brands, domestic service providers, start-up companies and B2B sales professionals. We have been a partner in introducing new technologies and services to Finnish companies for almost a decade.

During this time, we have seen the rise of software development, the evolution of data centers, the advent of cloud technologies, the challenges of information security, the automation of production environments and data management. At the same time, we have learned how the business processes of companies have changed with technologies and we have learned to utilize this know-how in telemarketing. It matters who represents you.

Leadwiser - Liikemerkki

Quality and competence

A unique combination of technology know-how and B2B telemarketing. Behind more than 10 years of calling experience and more than 1000 implemented B2B sales promotion projects, which guarantees the high quality of our services. We focus on what we do best.

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Customized services

We tailor our services to the customer's needs and familiarize ourselves with the customer's sales philosophy, services and challenges of the sales pipeline. Leadwiser is proactive sales partner who does what is agreed and commits to developing your customer acquisition.

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Modern tools

We are a very data-oriented service partner, and we use always the most modern tools on the market and data processed over a long period of time. If necessary, we also seamlessly integrate into our customer's sales systems.

Leadwiser - Liikemerkki

Customer satisfaction

We have received very good feedback from our own customers and from business decision-makers with whom we have called. We don't make empty promises but proper B2B marketing work that even the most respected brands trust.


Sales have questions, we have answers

There are many questions related to PreSales and Sales booking services. We have collected here some frequently asked questions and how the process goes with us.

Sales booking and prospecting require time and a lot of work. The strength of professional salespeople is in customer meetings, and their resources should be used more productively for the sales meetings themselves, their follow-up and bidding processes. Leave the challenging prospecting work and initial contact to us. With a systematic approach built over years, we get you to the right tables, at the right time.

Defining potential customer segments is always a team effort between sales and marketing. You have the best information about your sales, we have the best information about your buyers and we know the business processes of Finnish companies very well. We have helped several of our principals define new potential customer segments. We recommend our 365 PreSales service.

Sure it can. Understanding the buying process is a key part of solution selling, and the starting point is always an identified need or problem. As a rule, customers identify their own needs and initiate the purchase process, but external marketing factors also play a role. Our task is specifically to influence the customer with a well-thought-out topic and to awake up new ideas and hidden needs through a good conversation. At best, we can even influence the time window of the purchase process or bring new perspectives to it. We can awake up new ideas and hidden needs, and at best, the time window of the purchase process can change.

Traditional telemarketers do not necessarily know very deeply demanding technical industries or the legalities of B2B solution sales, or they do not know how to ask the right questions. On the other hand, salespeople can approach new customers too sales oriented. Our strength is based specifically on technical expertise. Our strength is level-headed and good conversations with the decision-makers. That way you get more information. We recommend our praised Sales booking service.

Yes it is. Up-to-date information about the prospect of the ideal target group is the key to sales, and discussions with decision-makers always produce important information for sales. For example, through our Lead bank additional service, you always receive relevant information about the potential customers.

Let’s agree on a 30-minute free Teams meeting. We can give a concrete proposal and our vision on improving your sales or developing new customer acquisition without commitment.

After the approved proposal, next step is to arrange an actual planning meeting. There we´ll take a closer look at your sales and services. We´ll can define the target group and create the calling script.

Depending on the content of the service, we´ll then proceed to the preparatory phase of the project, where we will get to know your services or products in more detail and form the target list if necessary.

After the preparation phase, we´ll proceed to the actual production phase, which is practically a turnkey service for your sales. In addition to this, we naturally report the results at agreed intervals.

We always tailor your service to suit your sales and there can be several models. The most important thing is to achieve the best possible cooperation model and the best possible results.