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The most convincing B2B customer meetings booking service on the market

The sales lead comes from successful customer encounters. Leadwiser takes you to the right customers, at the right time.

Sales booking service 2.0

Accelerate your sales with Leadwiser's Sales booking service

Leadwiser’s Sales booking service is the most valuable link between your sales team and potential customers. We are a PreSales-partner specialized in technical B2B solution sales. Unlike the mainstream, we are technology professionals with long experience in companies’ business processes. Our strength is a wide-ranging understanding of the technology industry, as well as condensing even complex topics into a clear core sales message.

The benefit of the Sales booking service is undeniable, but the benefit can be lost in an instant with bad communication. Since the calls are answered by professionals in their field and professional buyers, they protect their time and value only appropriate contacts. We stand out thanks to our specialization and get valuable discussion time with decision makers. That’s why Leadwiser’s has garnered widespread praise from the market’s leading suppliers and also from business decision-makers with whom we have called.

We operate on a turnkey basis and in accordance with our customer promise, we always provide you with customer meetings in accordance with defined boundary conditions with comprehensive background information. We are always ready to negotiate a model that corresponds to your business process. Each new collaboration is launched with a jointly agreed pilot and the benefit of the service is ensured. The pilot period is a quick and risk-free way to try out our service and measure its benefits.


Our service team consists of ICT and technology professionals. The employees have more than 10 years of calling experience and an understanding demanding solution sales content. You get the best representation for your service or product. Our team operate physically in Finland.

Operation model and pricing

We always tailor our services according to your sales process. To start the pilot project, we agree on a joint kick-off meeting. In meeting we go through all the practical issues, defining the target group and its possible production, and sharpening the sales message. After this, we move to the production phase itself, where we produce new sales meetings for you according to the agreed terms. The pilot episode and calls can be started even within a week of the first meeting. The pricing of our Sales booking service is based only on the actual appointment.

Data-driven calling work

We use background work done in the field for a long time and our self-developed data bank, from which we get processed data from combined sources to support calls. Match accuracy improves substantially, and for you this means even better customer encounters.


Keskeinen asiakaslupauksemme on laadukas ja etukäteen määriteltyjen reunaehtojen mukainen tapaaminen oikean yrityspäättäjän kanssa. Loppuasiakas tietää kuka päämiehen edustaja on tulossa tapaamaan, mihin aikaan ja millä agendalla. Keskustelun jälkeen kirjaamme ylös aina kaiken relevantin tiedon, jonka koemme edesauttavan päämiestämme kauppojen synnyssä. Jokainen meidän järjestämä myyntitapaaminen on aina uusi myynnin mahdollisuus teille.

Toinen asiakaslupauksemme liittyy tasaiseen laatuun ja päämiehen positiivisen tunnettuuden nostamiseen yrityskentällä. Teemme aina brändinne arvoisen soiton ja vaikka tapaaminen ei ole aina mahdollinen, niin positiivisen kuvan päämiehen osaamisesta ja liiketoiminnasta voi jättää joka ainoa kerta – ja se on meille kunnia-asia, että näin myös tapahtuu. Aina.


The world’s and Finland’s most famous brands use Leadwiser’s Sales booking service as part of their sales support functions. Welcome to the new era of Sales booking services!