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The success of our customers is at the center of our entire operation and we have been able to participate in many success stories. Read more about services and partnership from our customers’ point of view.


COMSOL Multiphysics is a simulation program for physics phenomena, which is especially suitable for solving and analyzing problems in engineering sciences.

“We looked for alternative ways to find new sales support processes in Finland and ended up using sales booking services to support our sales. We heard very positive feedback about Leadwiser’s activities through our stakeholders, so we decided to try their service as part of customer prospecting. Fortunately, we made this decision and have now been on a journey together for more than 6 years

One clear challenge for our sales is finding the right target groups, organizations and decision-making roles to approach. Our product is very technical and it also requires our sales partner to have technical understanding, initiative and the ability to understand our customer segmentation more broadly. Together, we have thought about numerous different strategies and approaches to building the beginning of the sales pipeline, and Leadwiser has grown from a Sales booking supplier to a comprehensive PreSales partner for our sales.

In addition to increased sales, we have gained many valuable contacts in the business field. In addition, we have clearly raised our own recognition in the Finnish market, which is important marketing work for us in the future. Leadwiser will definitely continue to be our partner in sales prospecting and organizing sales meetings.

Jukka Tarvo
Managing Director
Comsol Oy