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Register and privacy statement

Data protection and cookies

The register statement required by the General European Data Protection Regulation, i.e. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the Parliament and Council of the European Union.


Register and privacy statement

1. Registry owner

Leadwiser avoin yhtiö
Y-tunnus: 2739460-1
Tietotie 2, 90460 Oulunsalo

2. The person responsible for registry matters

Teemu Manninen
+358 50 3065 235

3. Registry name

Leadwiser customer register

4. Content and purpose of the register

Group – Customers
Content – Name, email address, phone number, company name, billing address and contract and order information.
Purpose of use – For handling customer relations, information and marketing.

The register can also contain individual additional information and user data provided by the customer. The customer will be notified separately about saving this information in the register.

Group – Potential customers and website users
Content – Name, email address, company and optionally other information such as company name and phone number.
Purpose of use – Processing of contact requests coming through the website.

5. Data processing time in the register

The registrant’s contact information is kept only for the duration of the customer relationship, or optionally as long as it is necessary on a case-by-case basis.

Messages sent through the contact form on the website are basically kept for one year, or optionally for as long as it is necessary on a case-by-case basis.

6. Regular sources of information

– The contact form on our website, which the person fills
– Information received from the person, for example by e-mail or telephone.
– Social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) through which the person makes contact.
– Individual contact information retrieved from different data sources, such as company websites.

By filling out the contact form on our website or by providing the information in another way, the person gives consent to the data controller to store and process the data they have provided as described in this register statement.

7. Regular disclosures of information

The information is confidential, and the information will not be disclosed to third parties without the customer’s consent. Ownership of the data is not transferred from the data controller to a third party, and the third party does not have the right to use the data beyond the mandate.

Third parties are e.g. partners and other service providers.
Information is not disclosed or transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

We only use service providers approved by the current data protection legislation:
– Domain Hotel (website)
– Microsoft 365 (email)
– Elementor (website contact form)
– GDPR Cookie Compliance (website cookie service)

8. Principles of registry protection

The register’s information is stored in information systems and is protected in such a way that unauthorized parties do not have access to the register’s information.

Only the persons responsible for Leadwiser’s customer register can access the information.

9. Right to inspect and correct data

The registered person has the right to check what information about him is stored in the customer register. The registered person also has the right to demand the correction of incorrect information in the register. In the data correction request, the error to be corrected must be identified and the information to be corrected must be indicated.

The inspection request and correction request must be sent in writing and signed to the person responsible for registry matters mentioned in section 2 of this document.

10. Deletion of data

Data can be deleted at the request.

11. Other possible rights

The registered person has the right to prohibit the controller from processing information concerning him/her for direct marketing.

Our website may contain links to websites of third parties. Linked websites are not under our control, and we are not responsible for the content of third-party websites or the links they contain.

Prohibition of communication based on cookies takes place through the settings of the user’s web browser.

12. Collection of cookies

Our website uses cookies. This information based on cookies can be activities performed on the site, page visits or information about the devices used by the user. The information is used to improve the functionality and content of websites, develop business and target marketing.

Our website uses Google Ads and Google Analytics services, which use cookies in their operation.

Cookies are user-specific, but the user’s identity cannot be recognized based on them. The user’s information, such as: name, phone number and e-mail address, can only be obtained by the user, for example through the contact form, which the user can fill out if he wishes.

The user can influence the use of cookies by using the cookie service on the website (GDPR Cookie Compliance), or by changing the settings of their own web browser, such as disabling cookies or clearing the cookie data of their web browser.

It is good to note that cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of some services.

Privacy statement updated on 1 May 2023.