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PreSales service

Comprehensive new customer acquisition partnership as part of your sales

The desired results are produced by systematicity. We bring a systematic service process to the beginning of the sales pipeline and take your new customer acquisition to a new level.

365 PreSales service

Renew your new customer acquisition with Leadwiser's 365 PreSales service

Our 365 PreSales service is a new, comprehensive new customer acquisition partnership service to support your sales. The service generally consists of a start phase, a sales booking service, a reporting section and a lead maintenance service. However, the service and its necessary modules are always tailored together to meet the needs of your sales. Leadwiser’s 365 PreSales service is the right choice if you want to build or renew new customer acquisition and lead base systematically for years to come.

Especially in the technology sector, more detailed planning and prospecting of new customer acquisition is emphasized. There are endless approaches and target groups, but we can clarify the thoughts at the beginning of the sales tunnel and bring new insights with our extensive experience. Our 365 PreSales service is a credit package for your sales team, and the service includes also highest quality sales booking service in Finland.

Start-up workshop

The duration of the start-up workshop is typically 2 x 1.5-hour Teams sessions. The start-up workshop is a prospecting phase and we familiarize ourselves with your sales sales processes and customers. The idea is to form an ideal target group and identify new customers.

The second focus is on ideating the sales message and how to fit it into the call. As a result of the workshop, we build the right target group, sharpen the sales message to fit the call, and define our service process in more detail.

Part of the sales team

After the start-up workshop, we’ll integrate into your sales team, sales systems and other communication channels. After that, we’ll start a sales booking service and take care of all communication with the end customer until your salesperson has taken over.

Lead bank and reporting

The most up-to-date information from the businesses. We collect systematic data for the further processing of your sales. You will receive valuable information about the future needs and interests of your potential customers. The PreSales service and its additional products are always reported at certain intervals to support your sales. At the same time, we also report our views and experiences from the field, so that the sales focus can be changed if necessary.

Lead nurturing

Continuous maintenance of the lead pool is an important part of the B2B sales pipeline. As part of our PreSales service, we also manage follow-up contact and, if necessary, arrange possible follow-up meetings for you so that the sales tunnel remains open at all times. We can also contact inbounds coming through your website in a high-quality way as part of our service.

Event invitation calls

Do you have events that need more participants and potential sales leads? Customer transactions and their follow-up are also part of the structure of the upstream end of the sales pipeline. We can take care of the invitation calls and find more suitable participants for the event through our own data bank. We can also contact the participants afterwards and refine them into sensible sales meetings. Invitation calls can be handled as part of the PreSales service or, if necessary, as a separate service.


Book a free mapping session

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Lead bank service

Increase the marketing information and lead base of your sales With the help of Leadwiser's Lead Bank

Lead Bank is our intelligent data collection service, which provides with up-to-date and relevant market information about your desired target group through high-quality conversations. Sometimes a common interest or timing is not the best possible, in which case it is not worth trying to arrange a meeting.

The idea of ​​Lead Bank is to utilize our expert conversation skills and build a foundation for future leads and sales data. The essential difference is that we don’t interview business decision-makers, but have a high-quality initial conversation, You can get more out of an expert conversation when the call is not in the form of an interview. Through the calls, we collect data for the further processing of your sales and you get a better picture of the future needs and interests of your potential customer sector.

Lead bank service is usually most useful in long b2b sales cycles, when you know the sales route and the more precise time when the potential customer’s purchase window is about to open. The lead bank can be implemented as part of our PreSales or Sales booking service or as a separate data collection service. The information to be collected is always agreed together. Pricing is created according to your needs.

Lead bank in a nutshell: