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Customer stories

A few words from our customers

The success of our customers is at the center of our entire operation and we have been able to participate in many success stories. Read more about services and partnership from our customers’ point of view.

Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS is one of the world’s largest IT industry distributor and globally represents the solutions of more than 70 technology vendors. About 60 experts work in Finland and together with a wide network of partners they offer solutions to the various challenges of companies.

“We started cooperation with Leadwiser in the spring of 2016. The personal background and several good experiences of the owners’ previous services led to the continuation of the cooperation, and we believe that the partnership with Leadwiser can develop further in the future.

We want to serve our partners in the search for new sales opportunities, and Sales booking services are a straightforward and proven way to do that. It’s proven to be the most effective way to approach cold leads, simply the fastest and easiest way to increase sales. Leadwiser has experience in call work and understanding and know-how of the challenging ICT sector, which makes it easier for us to start new projects.

The feedback on Leadwiser’s operation has been positive and we have implemented several projects in cooperation with Leadwiser. The projects have been handled on schedule, the communication during the projects has worked well and the follow-up reports have been comprehensive. We have been particularly satisfied with Leadwiser’s ability to organize sales meetings even for difficult target groups and for very busy ICT decision-makers, who receive a considerable amount of marketing contacts. Leadwiser knows how to summarize the core sales message into an interesting and easy-to-understand entity, which can be used to acquire new business opportunities.

We are going to use Leadwiser’s expertise as part of our and our partner network’s new customer acquisition.”

Tomi Äikää
Business Development Director
Arrow ECS Finland Oy